Computing Technology

The science of computing has taken giant leaps in the past 10 years. These advances have changed the way modern business is done. We, at NgnGuru, will provide you with state-of-the-art technology to help your business stay one step ahead of competition.

The experts at NgnGuru specialize in technologies like:


A Linux based operating systems and one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. Android Apps can be used for all purposes, from gaming to weather forecasting. The flexibility of this technology is what makes it special. We at NgnGuru can use this tool to increase the overall reach of your business.


Being one of the most powerful programming languages, Java can be used in almost any field of computing, from Optimization to Web. Even NASA's space missions are powered by technology which is created using Java.


Designed by microsoft, it is another powerful platform using which complex problems can be solved. This framework works well with Windows operating systems.


One of the most widely used languages, PHP is used to make highly interactive websites with good user interfaces.

Cloud Computing

The hottest topic in the computing field, it is a great technology that can simplify many technical hazards and reduce the amount spent on software upgrades