Telecom Consulting

We provide end-end network services to CSPs and OEMs from intial phases of RFI to launching of innovative revenue generating services. We can help you optimise your existing 2G/3G network, evolve towards 4G LTE or expand the coverage using WiFi offloading. We design, implement, optimise and operate networks in the shortest possible time and tighest budget.

As a full-service Wireless consulting firm, we offer the following services.

Delivery Methodology

We perform specialised task in short duration, saving your Time and Cost. 

We provide Level 1-5 technical support for all type of Wireless and VoIP networks via remote access.

The highly qualified and experienced Technical Consultants can help you acquire the technology that you need to reach your business objectives while staying within your budget.

We design, implement and support converged Voice-Data-Video services on network side, configure handheld device and model end customer services.

-End subscriber service driven approach

-No complex documents, statistics or strategies

-Putting self as end subscriber and delivering what is expected at ground level

-How to generate revenue from a box approach


Currently, our main interest lies with the design and implementation of innovative solutions to service providers on their existing and planned network to deliver Mobile Broadband, VoIP, Video Streaming and Location Based Services. If you need our services then please contact us by providing your details on 'Contact us' page.