We offer the same superior content as our instructor-led training, with delivery available on-line.

We realize that on-site training is not always feasible for our clients. That’s why we also offer the  option of online training. Clients save on expenses since there are no instructor and student travel-related costs. Also, the audience can be geographically distributed. As a result, productivity and learning are both maximized.

Designed to accommodate a wide variety of learning styles, our eLearning courses take full advantage of the multimedia medium. Each course provides students with full audio, narrated text and colorful animations to enhance the learning experience. Review questions in a variety of formats test the students’ understanding throughout each topic. Many courses also offer an opportunity to “dig deeper” into topics. Also, every eLearning course allows students to navigate through the courses according to their own interests and needs, rather than in a strictly “linear” fashion.

Listed below are key learning courses offered at this time.

Generic Telecommunication 

  • General Industry Knowledge
  • Information Transmission Concepts
  • Voice Equipment
  • Audio/Video Knowledge
  • Audio/Video Impairments
  • Analog Cable Television
  • Digital Cable Television
  • Network Models
  • Physical and Data Link Layer Concepts
  • Network Layer Concepts
  • Transport and Application Layer Concepts
  • Network Test Equipment
  • Transmission Systems
  • Ethernet Fundamentals
  • DataComm Fundamentals
  • Metro Ethernet Fundamentals
  • Storage Networking Fundamentals


Switching and Networking Courses 

  • Telephony Fundamentals
  • Advanced course in Fundamental of Telecommunication
  • PSTN Design Services
  • PSTN Concepts Operation
  • Wireless Communications
  • Advanced SS7
  • Advanced GSM
  • Advanced GPRS
  • Advanced UMA/GAN
  • Advanced UMTS
  • Advanced WiMAX
  • Advanced Femto-Cell/3GPP-HNB
  • Advanced LTE/SAE
  • Advanced HSPA


IP Based Technology Courses 

  • TCP IP Fundamentals
  • Advanced IP
  • Intro to DSL
  • VoIP and IP Telephony
  • IPT and VoIP
  • Advanced RTP/RTCP
  • Advanced Sigtran
  • Advanced SIP
  • Advanced IMS


Security Courses

  • Information Security
  • Security Policy Design Implementation
  • Security Concepts Fundamentals
  • Security in the Mobile Workplace
  • Security Policy Design Implementation

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