Develop Scripts is Customer-Centric professional service company. We deliver IT consulting, customization of business idea ( Web Development) , Mobile Development, Software & Telecom Testing, Cloud Development, systems integration and outsourcing solutions for Server Management support. We closely look at our client processes, objective and models. Also leverage our industry knowledge & experience with existing and best practices solutions. Our approach is to creatively deliver clear value for  our clients. 




Telecomtraining is a one-stop shop for those looking for friendly guidance, professional or career help, with a communication technology focus. TelecomMentor has several features integrated in one telecom freelance, telecom news, telecom training, video resume, telecom director and telecom knowledgebase.




TECHWORLD TECHWORLD Engicon is a Complete Telecom Solution Company and has fast growth in diverse industries viz. Telecom, Construction, Transmission & Distribution.Techworld Engicon provides a turnkey range of services for all of the major wireless carriers throughout the Asia region.



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