The next-generation network (NGN) enables the deployment of access independent services over converged fixed and mobile networks – The NGN is packet based and uses IP to transport the various types of traffic (voice, video, data and signalling).


The motivation behind the NGN is much more than just switch replacement, it is an answer to the market reality that 'fixed' voice telephony - although a major part of the telecommunications business - is no longer the only feature that the user wants from their phone service provider.


Triple play services (Voice, Internet and TV) are available via Cable and xDSL already. The NGN brings mobility in to the picture and the opportunity for further bundling of high revenue services for customers.


At the core of the harmonized 'ALL IP' NGN network is the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) which provides an 'access independent' platform for a variety of access technologies (GSM, 3G, wi-fi, Cable and xDSL).


ETSI technical committee TISPAN has adopted the 3GPP™ core IMS specifications using Internet (SIP) protocols to allow features such as Presence, IPTV, Messaging, and Conferencing to be delivered irrespective of the network in use. ETSI NGN standards also use WLAN/3G interworking concepts, further expanding the network's potential for broadband services.


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