Telecommunication has changed the world and it has tremendous contribution in growth of mankind. Starting from wireline to wireless, as of today many telecom standards exist but all follow basic fundamentals of communication. Wireless has taken over the legacy wirleine technology as a primary medium of communication. Wireless standards like GSM & UMTS has very high growth in last 2 decades and with LTE same is expected to continue in Data domain.

Individuals interested in understanding how basic building blocks of wireline and wireless networks work should attend these courses. Professionals who want to work in telecom sales, systems engineering, architecture, design, test, support, or operations domain will find these course to be especially beneficial.

NgnGuru Instructor led courses are as below

SS7 Essentials (1 day)

Telecom Fundamentals (0.5 day)

Wireless Fundamentals (0.5 day)

Transmission Fundamentals (0.5 day)