LTE Primer

3GPP LTE (Long Term Evolution) Project was launched to improve the UMTS mobile phone standard to cope with future technology evolutions. Goals include improving spectral efficiency, lowering costs, improving services, making use of new spectrum and reframed spectrum opportunities, and better integration with other open standards.

This course provides a high level overview of LTE technology including its architectural and requirement details. Further it explains functional and protocol details of LTE nodes. A good knowledge of 3GPP technologies like UMTS would be beneficial for anyone attending this course.

Course Objectives
After completing this course, the audience will be able to:

  • Understand history & overview of LTE
  • Define LTE Architecture
  • Explain LTE network elements
  • Describe LTE Interfaces
  • Explain basic signaling procedures

Who should attend?
This is beginner level course and suitable for telecom professionals & students who have little or no understanding of LTE.


Course Contents
LTE Overview

  • Evolution & Need of LTE
  • High Level Requirements
  • Evolved System Architecture
  • LTE Nodes & Functional Architecture
  • Understanding LTE Interfaces

Evolved UTRAN

  • EUTRAN Architecture
  • eNode B Functions & Overview
  • Radio Interface User/Control Plane
  • OFDMA/SC- FDMA Concept
  • MIMO in LTE
  • LTE Frame Structure
  • Physical/Logical/Transport Channels
  • Air Interface Protocol Overview
  • Medium Access Control (MAC)
  • Radio Link Control (RLC)
  • Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP)
  • Radio Resource Control (RRC)
  • eNB-eNB (X2)  Interface

Evolved Packet Core

  • EPC Nodes & Functions
  • Mobility Management Entity (MME)
  • Serving Gateway (S-GW)
  • PDN Gateway (P-GW)
  • Policy Control and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)
  • EPC-EUTRAN (S1) Interface & Protocols

LTE Security  & QoS

  • Security Principles
  • EPS Bearer QoS

LTE Procedures & Signaling

  • LTE Initial Access & Cell search
  • UE Attach/Detach Procedures
  • Data Transfer Procedures
  • Mobility in LTE
  • Voice Options in LTE

LTE Enhancements

  • LTE Release 9 Evolutions
  • LTE-Advanced Introduction