Core Network Services


  • 2G/3G Mobile Packet Core (MPC) and Circuit Switched (CS) Core.
  • 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • PCRF and Service Awareneww
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • IN, Billing and VAS Services
  • WiFi Core Network and Offloading TTG/Local Break Out


  • Requirement analysis based on END USER SERVICES
  • Core Network design based on requirement
  • Core Network elements selection based on design
  • Core network Data Fill and Configuration Management
  • Core Network Optimisation and Trouble-shooting

We can help you Write the RFP, Advise you on end-end network planning, Implement critical parts of the network and Trouble-shoot the most difficult network issue(s) in an efficient time scale.

Get more from your existing and planned 2G/3G/4G based voice and text services.

Getting reliable results from a telecommunications system requires thorough planning, implementation and management. Our team of experts understands every aspect of telecommunications, all the way from planning a strategy, project management, implementation, testing, training and support.


Packet network planning, implementation and support for 2.5G, 3.5G, LTE and WiMax, we are there too!

Our solutions team can design tailored services based on your existing Cellular or WiMax network. This includes but not limited to Mobile Broadband, Intelligent time/volume/content based tariffs and corporate customer services.

Quality, performance and fraud management of your network can be vastly improved with our technology audits. Working together with your in-house team, we analyse your Wireless infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities. We then set priorities that match your personnel and budget requirements.