Radio Network Services

We are a leading service and resource provider for mobile network engineering solutions. The company offers a full range of expert services in the area of radio network planning, network optimization, transmission planning, site audit/acceptance/maintenance, installation and commissioning.


As mobile networks evolve into complexity with daily services and product release at an ever faster rate, mobile network operators are increasingly relying on NgnGuru experts to support their network engineering needs.


Our goal is to continually deliver best-in-class services to the mobile suppliers and operators. We strive to meet the needs of our customers by providing a dynamic response and delivering true commercial and technical value.

Our mission is to provide the highest customer satisfaction by using best network solutions.

Our company is made up of young dynamic telecommunication professionals. We operate as both consulting based and long term service contractors and have been supporting the operators and OEMS in the industry to meet their business objectives. We commit and strive with our customers to: 

  • Develop in-house 2G,CDMA,W-CDMA,LTE competence for our customers.
  • Provide high-quality technical support 24/7.
  • Exercise full Confidentiality and respect our customers working etiquette.
  • Maintaining operational cost effectiveness
  • Our Wireless Services include RF Planning, Optimization, Benchmarking, Transmission Planning, Network Performance Management, In-building Solutions, Training and Project management.